With affordable medicines and standardized case management of asthma.

With affordable medicines and standardized case management of asthma, the set set to meet in the World Health Organization Plan for Non-communicable diseases 2008-2013 and implement complementary strategies for the integrated management of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases .

The Union and the Asthma Drug Facility , this to to celebrate World Asthma Day on 5 The ADF was established to affordable quality assured essential asthma medicines to ease in low and middle incomes, and the implementation of standard case management of asthma with evaluation of the quality of care.The study shows that climate variability and the flow of our water will be factors triggering an increased incidence of. You may that in some years there an accumulation of a collection of Surface water in which both the germs and mosquitoes. These situations arise irregular and are subject to air. To study reveals that cold winter years before the onset years before the outbreak in prolonged flow velocity within the waters, a higher risk of an increased risk of of an outbreak of tularaemia. Another outcome of the examination is that no expected to gain to rabbit temperature due to a warmer climate in the future..