When asked what the the most happy about the holidays.

In fact, when asked what the the most happy about the holidays, 6 percent of respondents ‘sleep and rest ‘, the almost ‘committed giving / receiving of gifts ‘. say two out of five Americans (43 percent get the chance get the chance to sleep in on vacation, while 20 percent they usually find time to nap say.

The results are part of a national Year poll – the SleepBetter.org Holiday Slumber Index, of of the holiday Americans sleep patterns. According to the survey, parents are particularly vulnerable to changes in sleep. Two in three of the mothers and fathers, for instance, that they can get six or fewer hours of sleep the night before giving. And while 11 percent of households without kids say that holiday stressors them of sleep, which indicate more than twice as many parents say that this is the case, you lose.About 25 food products groups and a total examined. Tantamango says there a need for future research is displayed to indicated to reduce the risk of colon polyps, as it is possible that interactions between different nutrients having anti cancer properties are able in a position for, these findings are. Investigating.. The study investigated more Possible disruptive factors are, including the a family history colon cancer, educational, physical activity, alcohol consumption, smoking, constipation, consumption of sweets, and healthy lifestyle.