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Were in the late 1990s, sirtuins linked to longer lifespan observed in several species maintained on a calorically diet http://www.genericsynthroid.net/the-most-frequent-questions-about-synthroid-answered.html . The nutrient profiles -sensing proteins seemed to defend against age-related cell damage. – ‘The most important prognostic factor in cancer increasing age,’said Gius, NIH,fessor of Radiation Oncology and Associate Professor of Cancer Biology at Vanderbilt – Ingram. ‘It seems logical that the genes that play a role in aging – or perhaps better said, anti-aging – cancer would entail. ‘ While at the NIH, National Cancer Institute, found Gius and colleagues if they eliminated SIRT3 – a sirtuin in the mitochondria, the cellular ‘power plants ‘located – the mice ER / PR positive breast tumors, the most common type of advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Has not been determined While the mechanism behind the gender have tumors, the researchers found evidence that SIRT2 acted as a tumor suppressor in cultured cells. In particular, the protein an important an important part of the machinery involved in regulating cell division – a protein complex called APC / C. Loss of SIRT2 led to genomic instability or an abnormal distribution of chromosomes during cell division. While the cells on the first showed reduced proliferation, their growth rate gradually increased and the cells showed signs of malignant transformation.

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