TZP-102 operates on the same mechanism as the company s lead product TZP-101.

Gastroparesis,Advancing TZP-102 into clinical development strengthens our product pipeline, said Vipin K. Tranzyme Pharma President & CEO of. , Garg The acceptance of this IND by the FDA represents an important milestone for Tranzyme as well as the technology underlying for the discovery and development of this product. TZP-102 is the second clinical candidate from our proprietary macrocyclic chemistry platform, MATCHTM, are added. – We’re really by the progression of TZP-102 excited at the clinic as preclinical evidence suggests this oral prokinetic agent has therapeutic potential for symptomatic relief and management of chronic gastroparesis, said Gordana Kosutic, Tranzyme Vice President, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs..

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