Tobacco is the most common cause cancer.

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But new research from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine have for the first time that the HIV virus were to penetrate in fact a woman normal, healthy genital tissue to a depth they can gain access to its immune cell targets shown. – ‘This is an unexpected and important finding,’said Thomas Hope, principle investigator and professor of cell and molecular biology at the Feinberg School. ‘We have a new understanding of how HIV can invade the female vaginal tract. ‘ – ‘Until now , science has really had no idea about the details of how sexual transmission of HIV actually works, ‘Hope added. 2005 data, was all very bleak. ‘.Tobacco is the most common cause cancer, Could be Kentuckians smoking, compared to the 21 % of people at national level. Smoke at his own but not explained the discrepancy between south Kentucky and of the rest of the nation, Arnold said. ‘We recognize that tobacco is the most common cause cancer, but this is not the only consideration which the high cancer burden of southeastern Kentucky,’says Arnold. ‘So we started different other possible causes. Could environment carcinogens play a role in? That is what this support will allow us to study. ‘.