To that final end.

Biotech shill Tag Lynas fabricates GMO achievement story reported by MSM A observed biotechnology hack has been accused of earning up a GMO success tale that was dutifully reported by the mainstream media. Tag Lynas once defined himself as the 1st anti-GMO activist in the globe who suddenly got research and offers subsequently re-released himself as a shill for the genetically altered seed and meals industry . To that final end, as reported by GM View, a recent headline flawlessly captures this impressive transformation: Why the Founder of the Anti-GMO Motion Converted to the medial side of Science.

Since litigation is frequently section of the Hatch-Waxman procedure, Biovail’s lawsuit didn’t take us by shock and we are ready for it stated Dr. Horst G. Zerbe, President and CEO of IntelGenx. We have a solid position for a good resolution and can vigorously pursue this outcome. We remain extremely excited about the prospect of CPI-300 . IntelGenx and Cary Pharma entered right into a Collaborative Contract in November 2007 to jointly develop and commercialize CPI-300 using IntelGenx’s proprietary oral delivery technology.. Biovail’s patent infringement lawsuit against Cary Pharma might affect IntelGenx revenues IntelGenx Corp. previously announced that the brand new Drug Program filing for the antidepressant CPI-300, which it created with Cary Pharmaceuticals have been approved by the U.S.