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Will be held this year from October 15 to 18 at the PAC Sydney Hilton Hotel under the overall theme of security of your practice Advantage treatments for ed .

The National President of the PSA, Warwick Plunkett, said Butler and enthusiasm for the agreement to open the congress was significant. – During the year, three key reports have already had published, and will continue to make a huge impact on health and has it delivered as in Australia, Mr Plunkett said. – It is a great privilege for PAC09 Mr. Butler and I are open to believe that this reflects the value that the government places on the pharmacy profession as a focal point of health care in this country.

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Hayes and Cheng five research teams belonging in the nation by RWJF by his Project Health Design select: for Rethinking the Power and Potential the Personal Health Records National Programme for two-year grant, to test such as health, such as health information technologies can be people get better informed patients will and better healthcare consumer. The fellows will be work with patients Dr. Dan exploring day – to-day info – such as stress of caregivers of preterm and drug ingestion routines of the elderly in jeopardy cognitive abilities – can be collected, interpreted and from patients as well as practitioners in the real-world clinical settings.

Hayes ‘ main research interests are in human – computer interaction and ubiquitous computing. She has been studying record-keeping technologies, particularly in the natural environment, as home. She also focuses use and the use of ubiquitous computing and collaboration technologies in the fields education and health.