This data some reassurance to patients with AMD who are considering to offer cataract surgery

AREDS researchers concluded there was little evidence that cataract surgery had a negative effect on the progression to treat advanced AMD. ‘This data some reassurance to patients with AMD who are considering to offer cataract surgery,’Chew said.

Genetic factors strong strong determinants of sharp visual acuity and color discrimination, functions of cone cells paths are performed in the retina of the eye the tissue at the the tissue at the back of the eye converts the light into electronic images for transmission to the brain. Genetic factors were not strong with night vision and the ability to adapt to changes in level, performed by rod cells, implying that environmental influences important these functions are correlated to light. Autopsies and other studies have found that substantially more rod than cone cells are lost as eyes age. The flow of nutrients across the retinal membrane important more important for rod cell than for cone cell function, and it is here that influence environmental factors, smoking, poor diet, excessive sun exposure and inflammation, visual impairment can. Rod cell deterioration as a component of both general visual decline and age-related diseases like AMD, the leading cause of visual impairment in elders is accepted. – ‘Our results support clinical and research efforts underway to slow or stop age-related vision decline by lifestyle factors and / or with certain medications,’says Dr. Has Full texts of the studies are of the Academy Media Relations department.

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