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The new study also reported that 38.2 percent of the children surveyed had been diagnosed with autism at a time, but later lost the. Diagnosis An increasing number of parents and researchers believe that autism is preventable and treatable, but health officials routinely ignored reports of children who have recovered from autism, and not financed to date, clinical studies promising treatments According to Ms reviews . Vanicek. ‘We need our public health authorities to recognize the biomedical treatments that will help these children recover with autism. Should have effective treatments available to anyone with the diagnosis and the likely consequences for causality. ‘.

WHO and UNICEF said that 39 % of children in developing countries will receive the proper treatment of zinc supplements and low – osmolarity oral rehydration salts for the condition, reports Reuters. The news service writes, ‘Vaccines against rotavirus, the leading cause of severe gastroenteritis with vomiting and diarrhea in infants and children, and help improve hygiene and proper rehydration treatment would solve the problem, said[ agencies] ‘. Other elements of the plan include promoting breastfeeding, vitamin A supplementation, hand washing with soap, improved water supply and measles immunization (Xinhua.

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