The major component of the plaques in affected developing Alzheimer s disease.

– Three years ago, the presence of the protein, called 12/15-Lipoxygenase was in the brain by leading researcher Domenico Pratico, professor of pharmacology and microbiology and immunology at Temple, who said recognized:.. 12/15-Lipoxygenase protein may help control Alzheimerresearchers at Temple University School of Medicine recently identified a protein in the brain that could have a major role in regulating the creation of amyloid beta, the major component of the plaques in affected developing Alzheimer ‘s disease.

‘We found this protein be be very active in the brains of people who have Alzheimer’s disease, but three years ago, we did not know what role it plays in the development the disease. Pratico circuit:’There is investigate investigate this molecule and develop an even stronger molecule 12/15-Lipoxygenase function in the brain specifically.Currently, said 8 percent of high school teenagers they were forced to have sex and 10 percent report that have experienced dating violence. Growing up, substantially unchanged at between 2005 and 2007. – ‘Raise the red alert flag of,’said Sarah Brown, CEO of The National Campaign on prevent the teen and unplanned pregnancy. ‘When young people having are more avoid sex and, is less common, their rates of pregnancy or childbirth will naturally rise. Indeed, in December 2007, the federal government announced that the teen was birthrate rose first time in the 15 years ago.