The judge sided with a healthcare facility today after hearing from two doctors.

Jahi’s family wants to keep her hooked up to a respirator and finally have her moved to another facility. The family stated it believes she is still alive and that a healthcare facility shouldn’t remove her from the ventilator without its authorization. It’s wrong for a person who made mistakes on your own child to just contact the coroner. And not respect the family’s feeling or privileges, Sandra Chatman, Jahi’s grandmother and a registered nurse, stated in the hallway outside the courtroom. I understand Jahi experienced, and it tears me up. Jahi’s mom said last week the girl had feared she’d not wake up after surgery.Treatment for American cancers patients, however, often depends not really on the federal government or doctors’ decisions, but on their health insurance protection and their personal money, the authors wrote.D., a specialist in economic evaluation in clinical professor and analysis of medicine and business administration at Duke University. He does not have any affiliation with the scholarly study. There will vary social constructs underlying these two systems.