The investigation is in the interactions between a protein called AgI / II erektil dysfunktion stress.

The investigation is in the interactions between a protein called AgI / II, which is on the surface of Streptococcus bacteria found, and with a protein of designation gp340, which is present on the teeth, The Wellcome Trust in saliva and in airways. The team will measure how ‘sticky’ the Streptococcus bacteria proteins, such as gp340 can attach to tissue surfaces. By the tacky parts of the protein, the team will be able to recognize, which are responsible for streptococcal penetrate the body erektil dysfunktion stress . The body. The research will focus on how to seek to and and develop new ways bacterial infections bacterial infections.

Heidi Wright, the Company’s Head of Practice, said: ‘As the role of pharmacy and pharmacist extended rather play an active role in the screening and diagnostic tests, such as vascular checks, it is important to ensure that professional advice is relevant and robust.

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Dr Capo Lingua told doctors were the perfect opportunity to debate about preventive health measures to family and advised to as best seen to administer overweight or obese.


AMA President Dr. Rosanna Capo Tongue, this is good news, but not answers the overall problem. Nearly one quarter of Australian children are still overweight and 5-6 percent are obese – this is way too high, she said. We can not content with this statistics We are to be pleased about risk the risk of serious health problems later in life.