The first step in treatment?

The first step in treatment?Today there are still no effective treatments to delay or prevent that the advancement of migraine Amyotrophy. The current treatment is merely supportive. The findings of researchers in Antwerp are an important first step in the development of a specific treatment. Because they know that the gene involved, scientists can more insight into the molecular processes of disease, the purchase ultimately lead to a therapy.

The researchers studied several large families and identified the gene for the disease. You have now shown that HNA is linked to the long arm of chromosome 17, and mutations or alterations mutations or alterations in the genetic code of the Septin 9 protein in the patients studied. HNA is the first mono – genetic disorder caused by a defect in a gene of the Septin family., is authorities to protect health by young people against of cheap political points systems made Australia.

AMA President, Dr Bill Glasson, today called on the government to plans for health care legislative establish changes waste Bill in 2004 the European Parliament next week.

The legislation would provide parents and persons supervising to access HIC Details of children under 16[ receipt be is currently permits children under 14] – although the kids have their own Medicare card. Glasson said the government puts cheap political points system prior to of the physical and mental health and well-being to many thousands of Australia young people.