The cancer stem cell theory is controversial.

The cancer stem cell theory is controversial. Some researchers are not convinced that there are cancer stem cells.The current two-stage drug trial uses a Notch inhibitor originally developed by Merck for Alzheimer’s patients in the late 1990s, developed followed by chemotherapy. The intent is to use to cancer stem cell tumors sensitive to chemotherapy– – a 1-2 punch to knock out.

‘Our data show that normal hematopoietic stem cells are not damaged by the Notch inhibitor drug in these patients,’said Maillard, a hematologist and Life Sciences Institute researchers. ‘This is important because these patients typically need good blood stem cells their blood counts their blood counts and recover from the effects of chemotherapy,’he said.Two field visits were a set scripting and included checking objective data, including vital signs and observation lab results of, and an discussion about therapeutic targets for the day.

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