The ABCD rule has been helpful in identifying early melanoma

The ABCD rule has been helpful in identifying early melanoma. But now the original group of NYU dermatologists who developed the rule, together with some of their younger colleagues, recommends the expansion of the rule to recognize that early melanomas frequently change in appearance . This applies especially nodular called for a type of melanoma that does not fit smoothly into the ABCD criteria, explains David Polsky, a dermatologist and one of the authors of the new report. Polsky is Associate Director of the NYU Department of Dermatology, pigment removal section.

‘An evolving lesion, one that is in relation to the five S the changes – size, symptoms such as itching or pain, bleeding or surface colors,’says Dr. ‘Essentially, a lesion that is essentially a change over lesion. ‘.

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Juliet Prentice , a Health Scientist is located at the Health Care Financing & Economics Research Group at VA in Boston Healthcare System. She received her PhD in Community The health sciences in 2004 at UCLA. During her years at UCLA, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Center for Health Quality, outcome and Economic Research, Bedford VA, followed by Dr. Blackwell Publishing,tice. Research topics studying the relationship between access to healthcare and health outcomes.