Such as for example Lipitor.

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs usually do not lower threat of pneumonia in seniors Taking popular cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, such as for example Lipitor , does not lower the risk of pneumonia. That’s the fresh finding from a study greater than 3,000 Group Health sufferers released online on June 16 before the British Medical Journal’s June 20 print issue. Prior research based on automated promises data had elevated some hope – and maybe some hype – for statins in an effort to prevent and treat infections including pneumonia, stated Sascha Dublin, MD, PhD, your physician at Group Health insurance and associate investigator at Group Wellness Center for Health Studies malegra and viagra .

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However, the odds ratio had not been decreased for patients with short-term statin use but started to decrease after 5 prescriptions, reflecting 1 to 1 1 approximately.5 years of treatment. The risk estimate was consistent across sex and age groups. Adjustment for essential risk elements for gallstone disease didn’t materially alter the outcomes,’ the researchers compose. The authors add that the observed risk decrease suggests a class effect for all statins, and that there was a inclination toward a lower risk of gallstone disease for high-dose statin use weighed against low-dose exposure. A substantially increased gallstone risk with cholecystectomy was discovered for individuals with high body mass indexes and for sufferers with estrogen make use of.