Some potential new treatments for TB are already being explored

Some potential new treatments for TB are already being explored , with the cross, which also directs the magnet laboratory Nuclear Magnetic Resonance program, but there is no knowing whether these treatments will survive clinical trials . – The trial, as much of the world to be treated with the same drug is one of the best ways to develop more resistance to treatment, it is important to come at this from as many angles as possible he said. We have a preliminary study which is our work done doable shows, and we have a lot of preliminary data, Cross said of the research project, which is expected to last five years carry his team, working with the University of Kansas. The University of Alabama and the Case Western Reserve University, use the magnet laboratories challenging 900 – megahertz magnet and other research conduct their research – believes cross. The eventual development of of a new family of anti-TB drugs could attack the disease in a new and more effective way. He explained to a particular group of proteins ,, TB ability, attack the body appears. His team identified the target proteins to infect the bacteria to lung tissue. When a drug binds to one of these proteins, can to the protein to the protein ‘s ability to shutdown ineffective. We want to be able to should solve the molecular structure of these targets, he said. If you of the protein of the protein, then you can design a drug to bind the target makes first detailed information about the correct target it much easier for the pharmaceutical company, safer, to develop more effective treatment.

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory develops and operates state-of – the-art, use high magnetic-field facilities that faculty and visiting scientists and engineers for research, the laboratory, by a consortium of Florida State University. The University of Florida and Los Alamos National Laboratory is operated together , is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida to experience. More.

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