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To provide insights to new approaches in functional nerve regeneration, the researchers are currently investigating the mechanisms by which the neurons interact with these polymers. Since neurons that remain intact after severe injury limited capacity, have the scar tissue the scar tissue, these new findings in nerve regeneration could compensate for the lost connections. – ‘This polymer and approach is not limited to nerve regeneration, even though they probably used also for other neurodegenerative diseases as well,’added Wang..

There is currently no treatment for recovering human nerve function after injury of the brain or the spinal cord, because neurons of the central nervous system have a very limited ability to self-repair and regeneration.European Medical Association European Medical Association , the EPG Online specialized livescore presents in Health Care Professionals by to access to best practices diagnosis and patient management guidance date. The independent service offers access to a number from EU pharmaceutical drug information system, diseases KnowledgeCenter, decision support tools and originally news medical news contents of.

In a study published in the March issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the researchers report that it has a connection between minor or moderate hypoglycemia and mortality Used for critically ill patients.