Select were commissioned from 17 retailers and the DTI.

Since 2000, Select was using 3D scanners, in order to develop the Body Volume Index , a possible replacement for the modern body-mass index in the measurement of obesity. BVI by a clinical in a clinical research program led byHeartlands NHS Hospital, University of Hull and Aston University in the UK and Mayo Clinic in the U.S. Select works BVI co strikes with a growing awareness in recent years, that the body shape and weight distribution and more important for retail and healthcare purposes than size alone have. These data are currently being analyzed and will be announced in May 2011. The company specializes in product research and qualitative research, focus group moderation and analysis for the retail and healthcare in particular.. Select were commissioned from 17 retailers and the DTI, recruitment and sampling of 11 in the USA to manage for the first UK National Sizing Survey of adults in 50 years in 2001, with data from all the major retailers including M & S, House of Fraser used, Arcadia, Debenhams, Bhs and John Lewis.

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