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Saltonstall added . Dr. Collins was in his supervision of the National Human Genome Research Institute, that he is an excellent administrator Seine previous research has shown that he is on the frontiers of science and medical progress and is an excellent choice to. A leader of the NIH. We look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Collins and work to advance the promotion NIH commitment to the exploration of new therapies for patients with rare diseases.

Collins has always been an ardent supporter of NORD and understands the concerns of the 30 million Americans with rare diseases He recently spoke at NORD policy summit and presents a coherent. And articulate view, how to overcome the obstacles to the development of more treatments for rare diseases .. The National Organization for Rare Disorders welcomes Collins NominationThe National Organization for Rare Disorders has said that the appointment by President Obama of Francis S. Collins, the next director of the National Institutes are of Health provides, to offer an excellent choice to lead the NIH.M? Germany resulted, then a potential problem with this approach was identified. Tumor Immunology: turning the immune system to tumor blood vessels benefit mice.

ONCOLOGY: Cullin 3 offers protecting treat liver cancer.. However Examines moral, ethical links between embryonic stem cell research, IVF.

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