Researchers have discovered that Chlamydia has evolved a lot more than once was thought actively.

‘Scientists recently discovered that if two Chlamydia strains co-infect the same person simultaneously, they are able to swap DNA by a process called recombination.’ clarifies Dr Simon Harris, lead author from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. ‘This is originally thought and then influence a few ‘hotspots’ within the genome. We had been very amazed to find recombination is usually a lot more widespread than previously believed.’ The group found there were no barriers to the swapping of DNA when circumstances allow, also between bacterial strains connected with infecting different parts of the physical body.Many scientific studies established that partner choices of men and women vary significantly regarding to predictable hormonal fluctuations linked to the natural menstrual period. Ovulation is connected with a profound change in a few female physical characteristics, perceptions and behaviors linked to mate attraction. Ovulating females exhibit a choice for even more masculine male features, are especially attracted to guys displaying dominance and male-male competitiveness and choose companions that are genetically dissimilar to themselves. That is significant since there is evidence suggesting that genetic similarity between couples could be linked with infertility.