Professionals caution.

Alzheimer’s Marker COULD BE In Spinal Fluid Scientists appear to have got found a fingerprint of Alzheimer’s disease lurking in sufferers’ spinal fluid, that today could be diagnosed definitively only at autopsy a step toward a long-awaited test for the memory-robbing disease. Far more analysis is needed before doctors could try spinal-tap assessments in people worried they have Alzheimer’s, professionals caution pharmacie en ligne . But the scientists are already preparing for larger studies to observe if this potential ‘biomarker’ of Alzheimer’s, reported Tuesday in the journal Annals of Neurology, holds up.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis Primary health-care professionals have the ability to diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Some health-care professionals focus on the problems of older people or of the brain . If you or a member of family have symptoms that suggest Alzheimer’s disease, you might want to consult a specialist. When the ongoing health care provider hears an elderly person is normally having one or more cognitive complications, he or she will probably suspect Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless, many other conditions could cause dementia or dementia-like symptoms in an elderly person, including both medical and psychological problems. Many of these conditions can be reversed, or at least slowed or stopped.