No-one can accurately predict where this will lead, but the scariest element is that hardly any can be done at this time to fix the problem. Water rationing is not enough. In fact, increasingly more water has been pumped from underground aquifers not merely in the southwestern states but through the entire Midwest and Texas aswell. These precious aquifers will soon be eliminated if we continue depleting them. What will happen then? A very important factor is certain: the days of taking our water supplies for granted are over. We now have to focus our efforts on conserving the drinking water we have left at home and on the bigger scale. Wasting precious water is an extravagance we can no more afford..Blacks and whites acquired similar self-esteem levels throughout young adulthood and middle age. In old age, average self-esteem among blacks dropped much more sharply than self-esteem among whites. This was the effect after controlling for distinctions in income and health even. Future research should additional explore these ethnic variations, which might result in better interventions targeted at enhancing self-esteem, wrote the study’s authors. Education, income, health and employment position all had some influence on the self-esteem trajectories, especially as people aged. Specifically, we found that individuals who have higher incomes and better wellness in later life have a tendency to maintain their self-esteem as they age, said Orth.