Patients with cardiac disease between these extremes are candidates for both procedures sildenafil citrate generic.

Bypass surgery is the preferred treatment for patients with blockages in three arteries during angioplasty is typically used for patients with single – vessel disease sildenafil citrate generic . Patients with cardiac disease between these extremes are candidates for both procedures, but Hlatky said it’s not always clear which is the best treatment option. Long term survival a better understanding of a better understanding of the differences between the two procedures, Hlatky and his colleagues analyzed data from 23 randomized clinical trials that compared treatments for patients with intermediate coronary artery disease. The studies included nearly 10,000 patients in Europe and the United States, 4,944 patients surgery surgery and 5,019 patients angioplasty angioplasty.

Among other findings of the research, bypass surgery led to fewer repeat procedures – 9.8 % of bypass patients had repeat procedures after five years, compared with 46.1 % of the patients who had angioplasty without stent and 40, 1 %, which is a stent had angioplasty. Bypass surgery was also found However as angioplasty in relieving chest pain as angina.

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