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Over five years, Cancer Center Prostate SPORE Grant RenewedMayo Clinic Cancer Center Specialized Programs of Research Excellence grant from the National Cancer Institute for prostate cancer research has been extended for another five years. SPORE grants are highly competitive awards for institutions at the cutting edge of translational research in certain types of cancer generisk . Mayo gave initial five-year prostate SPORE grant of $ 12 million in 2001 -. The current grant brings an additional $ 11,000 over five years, Mayo Clinic, in order to accelerate translational research to reduce deaths due to prostate cancer. Mayo Clinic oncology researcher Donald Tindall, is the principal investigator. He leads a large multidisciplinary team of basic, clinical and population science investigators in translational research projects to help prostate cancer patients and those at risk for prostate cancer. – Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, we are always we are always a better understanding of the disease and the development in the direction of better treatment and hopefully one day a cure, says Dr. Tindall. The SPORE grant allows our team of scientists and clinicians to further research in the arenas of diagnosis and individual treatment, including how response to therapy response to therapy and several unique and promising treatment options. .

Translational research in basic science discoveries include lab and adaptation of these findings to the treatment of patients in the hospital or clinic, the grant will be. Finance these major projects:.


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