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Our research department of the of the research here shortly.The magazine ‘Nature’, (Web site subscription is the only way the original article is not freely available, the item itself in medically technical language without the written summary in layman’s terms, if you want to know more. Please return later to our website, find the summary created by our research department priligy user reviews . Contact:.

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A the European Commission survey out of information and communications technologies play by the medical community has shown that 87 percent of family doctors in European have a computer, and manufacture just under half over broadband connection. The use of the e-health, e-health as is known, well, streamline administration and at reduction waiting times for patients who. By of the interview of doctors Europe is starting to take advantage of of broadband connections of e-health field will benefit, said Viviane Reding, the European Commissioner for Information Society & Media. This diagnosis also indicates that is is now time to using this electronic services much more common since they has at bring the potential of, unusual benefits for of patients throughout Europe. The poll indicates, – and patient in the European the Internet and 66 the Internet and 66 percent use computers for consultations. However, the technology monitoring of patients remote being is called telemonitoring, be used only by doctors at Sweden, the Netherlands and Iceland and and in the countries it be only provided thrifty.

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