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Study Finds No Relationship between PCR rate and race in women with breastlocally advanced breast cancer patients who had received the same class of neoadjuvant chemotherapy is no evidence of disease at the time of their surgery, or achieved pathological complete response, with the same rate regardless of race, according to researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The study also states that we are in the differences between breeds breast cancer research continue .. The study, presented in a poster discussion at the 2009 Breast Cancer Symposium in San Francisco, is in a homogeneous group of breast cancer patients evaluated largest pathological complete response to race. Only one other study, at MD Anderson at MD Anderson but limited to triple negative breast cancer patients the the relationship between the two. – Our results confirm pathological complete response is a strong prognostic indicator and a surrogate for good survival, despite a patient’s race, than white women.hat it is important to continue our efforts on reaching this milestone for all women with breast cancer , Mariana Chavez Mac Gregor, a medical oncology fellow at MD Anderson said.Cholesterol but hormonal see the early going through menopause.

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