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In the mid of founders of invasive pest insect population: The Fire Ant Solenopsis Invicta in the United Statesdetermine the number of founders of invasive populations is to predict and prevent further invasions, and for making inferences about important ecological and evolutionary processes.The fire ant Solenopsis invicta an invasive pest is first introduced into the United States from South America in the mid – 1930s.We used data collected from genetic markers in the source introduced populations introduced populations fail appreciate number.The data indicate that 20.9 independent mated queens together of the initial propagule to the USA in Mobile, Ala. Colonize, and that one or more secondary glands of the ant in the United States may also have taken place.

At the beginning of this decade, the researchers observed people with AIDS in the country develop dementias at a much lower prices than similar communities in the U.S. And West Europe. Most instances of AIDS in India are known by an infection with an Sub and strain of HIV, such clade C , while most cases in the U.S. And Western Europe have due to clade B. – on these observations, in 2004, the Team of scientists led by Dr. To find out, microbiology and immunology at Einstein introduced began searching for genetic variants between the subtypes, different rates different rates by HIV dementia. Team, in collaboration with Dr. Udaykumar Ranga to the Minister Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore, focusing their search on fact, a protein which helping HIV to replicate and leads to attack on the brain. Prasad and counterparts comparing the sequences of the Tat protein of the two subtypes and put an important difference. The next step, and which focus of the current study was compare both viruses in a single host order to determine whether or this important change in which amino acid sequence a handy difference to HIV neurotoxicity making. On Tony Allen Public Affairs Specialist University of Nevada, Las Vegas 4 505 S. Maryland Pkwy. In Las Vegas.