Medical breakthroughs and customized patient care and attention.

Asia’s first ‘custom suit knee replacement surgery’ performed at Fortis Hospitals Combining the most recent technology, medical breakthroughs and customized patient care and attention, Fortis Hospitals Bangalore today announced Asia’s first ‘Customized Fit Knee Replacement Surgical treatment’ performed on some patients . Dr. Sanjay Pai, Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, along with his team performed this revolutionary medical procedures for the very first time in the Asian Continent by exactly matching the size and keeping the implant specific to the sufferers’ knee size. This procedure ensures lesser pain, less tissue damage, faster mobilization and lasting implant solution. Dr. Sanjay Pai, Chief Consultant Orthopedic Cosmetic surgeon Fortis Hospitals explains, ‘This new ‘custom suit knee replacement surgery’ enables the cosmetic surgeon to provide better patient advantage through a higher precision knee replacement surgery leading to a better mobility as early as two weeks.

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There exists a way to offer to with signals of aging always, however up until the petty but permanent mistakes of youth remained beyond treatment recently. Included in these are the tattoos that lots of people enter the youth and then exhibit regret a few years down the road. Tattoo removal has become a possibility with the help of laser treatment. The tattooed area is subjected to a laser beam with a specific wavelength. The pigment absorbs the light and begins to disintegrate. After a few sessions, the tattoo fades into a scar. Tattoo Removal in Reading is popular between the youth today. All the above remedies are carried out in unique centers called Skin Clinics. These have obtained momentum as the popularity of the treatments has surged. However, many shady clinics have surfaced offering sub standard services at a cheaper rate also.