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Male patients, and kitchen smoke lung linkThe following lung cancer can cause: driving prolonged exposure to gasoline, car exhaust and kitchen smoke and an unhealthy diet. This is according to a study carried out in China.

The best way to prevent lung cancer was not to smoke, to stay away from pollution and medical treatment for chronic diseases.A well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low intakes of fried and smoked food was also beneficial.‘.. In an effort studying in New screening assay for heart diseases.

Of over 800,000 Even worse for kidney patientspatients with end-stage renal disease which are admitted hospital over the weekend, to an increased risk of death, by a study of the American Society forty third Nephrology Annual meetings and Scientific exposure of unveiled. ‘Our study shows bad results to patients with end stage renal disease for the weekend announced ‘Ankit Sakhuja, a third year of commented Product for residents of Internal Medicine at Medical College of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee. ‘Further research is necessary to include the reasons for these ‘Enjoy effect ‘to detect and take corresponding measures.

Study co-authors include Nilay Kumar, Rahul Nanchal, Aaron Dall, and Gagan Kumar, all of with the Medical College of Wisconsin.Information: The authors reported any financial detail. The trial abstract background, Weekend Admissions Greater mortality in patients with Final Stage Renal Disease predict, [ TH – FC045] when an oral presentation on Thursday 18 November introduced by 05.18 clock into area 203 of the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.