Larger facility.

‘Our new facility enables us to plan additional patients in a far more timely fashion, providing them the wonderful clinical care they need sooner. Our scope of service consists mainly of colonoscopy and top endoscopy. CCEC has been around operation since February 2002 and is certainly a partnership between gastroenterologists, colorectal Cirrus and surgeons Wellness Inc. In 2008, our doctors and staff served over 12,500 patients. ‘The doctors and staff of the Central California Endoscopy Middle are pleased to announce our new location,’ stated Dr. John Garry. ‘We are pleased with the seven years we’ve been able to provide Fresno and the surrounding communities with exceptional GI services.Sector Partnering Workshops – These themed workshops are to talk about knowledge and develop brand-new suggestions to solve real-world commercial problems. The primary aim is to provide new teams to bid for future IBBE funding calls together. These groups will emerge from annual themed creative events targeted at identifying innovative projects. More information on the upcoming events is seen here.. Cardio-defensive drug during cancer treatment may prevent heart damage in children About 75 % of children with leukemia who take chemotherapy face life-threatening heart disease because they age, but a global study led by a University of Rochester INFIRMARY investigator shows that giving a cardio-protective drug during cancer treatment may avoid the damage.