Its a virtuous circle

Studies in many countries have agreed that the number of motorists colliding with walkers or cyclists represented not equal as the number of people walking or cycling. For example, a community that doubles its cycling numbers expect third decline in pro – cyclist frequency of a crash involving a motor vehicle . ‘It’s a virtuous circle,’says Dr. Julie Hatfield, an injury expert UNSW, a bicycle safety seminar set up in Sydney, Australia, on 5 September. ‘The likelihood that an individual cyclist will be covered by a motorist struck with increasing speed of bicycling in a community. And the safer cycling is perceived, the more people prepared cycle. ‘.

First evidence that a common pollutant – perchlorate-Keep iodine levels in breast milk researcher reduced in Texas are reporting the first evidence from human studies that perchlorate, a common pollutant is in food and water in food and water can Availability iodine interfere with an infant in breast milk. Iodine deficiency in children mental retardation mental retardation and other health problems, the researchers note. The study also provides further evidence that iodine in U.S. Mothers is low and that perchlorate may play an important role. – In a study in the November issue of Note ACS ‘ semi – monthly Environmental Science & Technology, Purnendu Dasgupta and colleagues plan that perchlorate occurs naturally in the soil and as a rocket propellant as a rocket propellant and explosive ingredients. Earlier studies showed that perchlorate can inhibit iodine uptake. However, scientists do not know its effects on iodine in the milk of nursing mothers.

The technology combines two complementary optical technology, four-dimensional elastic light scattering fingerprinting and low – coherent improves backscattering spectroscopic . Researchers found in that the two combined working better than a only in pancreatic cancer screening.

The initial technologies the National Science Founda the National Science Foundation, clinical trials National Institute of Health National Institutes of Health and which V Foundation for Cancer Research. I am very concerned about work of the group Backman excitedly, says Leon Esterowitz, NSF biophotonics program director. I think these results are very promising, and the technique has a high probability to the success not only early detection pancreatic cancer, but also against cancer, so that doctors proceed and treat the patient as long as there. One more chance defeat the illness Use pancreas cancer not only not only have an excellent prognosis, but also may even a cure. .