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Prescription painkillers often become gateway to heroin addition Most people don’t realize this, but opioids like oxycodone and hydrocodone are derived from the same plant utilized to create heroin: the opium poppy. And several of the social individuals who get dependent on these legal opium painkillers end up afterwards switching to heroin, which more than not is cheaper and better to access often. As regulators have begun to crack down on the widespread overprescription of opioids, and drug manufacturers reformulate their opioid products to be more tamper-proof, heroin use has consequently increased.‘Did the White Home intervene? Did Monsanto pressure the agency? The truth is we don’t understand, and unless the court orders USDA at hand over these documents we might never know.’ ‘Nothing wrong with this GM alfalfa In a statement emailed to the LA Moments, Monsanto dismissed the organization’s characterization of the GM alfalfa. ‘Plenty of farmers across the U.S. Currently grow Roundup Ready alfalfa, corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets and canola,’ the company said. ‘Each of these crops was subjected to comprehensive scientific review by three distinct federal agencies before reaching the market; none presents the types of dangers CFS alleges.’ Alfalfa may be the fourth-most common crop grown in the U.S., in back of corn, wheat and soybeans, in that order.