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In the future, such as electronic medical records become more robust and accessible between different hospitals, she hopes a similar tool can be used to obtain information about the recent CT scan of a larger number of patients.

Penn researchers examined a new tool to electronic medical records records, the doctors performed a series of questions are embedded as checks and balances for their decision, a CT scan, served to abdominal pain abdominal pain went They were queried, for example, on what them them, look for , and how likely they thought that the patient actually had the problem. And when a junior doctor ordered the test, it had to. Doctor doctor before the patient could receive the scan these steps, the researchers said, obviously a role in following which the care team their choice of tests play rethink.‘The time also seems like a country that has mature Health Education so to has a great fit for me to. You may my skills and will hopefully help to and I may be take advantage to help to a certain degree,’he says. – ‘For me personally, know more about the to get to know more about which culture and the health teaching efforts of one of the most exciting countries in the world, ‘say Cottrell. ‘It is truly an honor travel in another country, for my knowledge of, passion and enthusiasm of split which health teaching professional.

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