In analyzing the research results for surgery.

In analyzing the research results for surgery, joined the Institute that the original surgery is still the best results. Some of the new surgical techniques appear to have good results. Example, possibly shortening the time in the hospital is required, but more research is needed to confirm this and most of the new techniques using equipment that has not been tested in enough trials.

‘In Germany and other European countries, drugs called alpha blockers have emerged as the most common treatment option for benign prostatic hyperplasia taken,’said Professor Sawicki. ‘These drugs were originally developed for many men high blood pressure, but prostate symptoms will also improve at least a little for 60 percent of men who use them. ‘.The germ be responsible for TSEs, also called prion diseases is known, a protein that as the infectious prion , nucleic nucleic acid and infectious known to known different kinds of animals. P r P l the changes in We make to that of a native protein available in the organism, the cellular prion , but not change its amino acid sequence. Under certain circumstances, antigens of P r P l the original the original accept take on the form of protein. Of infectious protein Soon as this accumulates central nervous systems, destroys it neural weight and makes the brain of the animals concerned on a sponge form which in which the concept spongiform disease comes accept.

As flu vaccines and antiviral medications have at scarce supply, which WHO, that all the nations to determine group of people groups of people are the first ones to recommended these treatments for receiving in the event of a pandemic flu to be. But detected to a new study PLoS 30 percent of 30 percent of countries are prioritizing either vaccine nor drug in your pandemic diagrams.