In an early Phase 2 open-label.

All patients with anorexia at entry became anorexia – free after three weeks of treatment with the higher dose cohorts, an average positive weight gain. The patients in the highest dose cohort increased their average weight of 2.2 pounds over four weeks of treatment, and this effect was further increased by the following four weeks, at which point the average weight of 2.6 pounds compared to the baseline. All patients in this cohort also showed an increase of the fat , which was maintained after discontinuation of therapy in all patients. 50-56. Increase in the daily activity and 80 % of patients reported reduced fatigue. Spontaneous patient comments reflect widespread dose-dependent improvement of the Quality of Life . OHR/AVR118 showed a very favorable safety profile, with no major side effects in the study, building on the strong safety profile in other human and animal studies..

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