HIV-positive people before they develop AIDS.

HIV positive people propose legislation to the states for Medicaid coverage for low-income HIV – Positive People enterSenators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Gordon Smith last week introduced legislation give give states financial incentives would provide Medicaid to low-income, HIV-positive people before they develop AIDS, Bend Bugle reports . The bill is similar to the breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Act, which states that the possibility of the persons classified as categorically needy, and therefore provides for Medicaid, before their conditions worsen . Email has 28 co-sponsors (CQ HealthBeat.

Hexavalent chromium in tap water for 89 percent of U.S. Cities sampledCarcinogenic hexavalent chromium, the Erin Brockovich chemical in tap water in the tap water of 31 cities from 35 of the Environmental Working Group found. The researchers estimate that at least 74 million people in the U.S. In 42 states regularly drink chromium – contaminated water, and a considerable part of it is in the carcinogenic hexavalent form..‘The more studies that we with innovative with novel avian strains as H9N2 and H5N1 , the more likely it that we can start to create pattern that provide our identify all the by you to counter. ‘.. Dr. Lambert says that this agreement one of main lessons of the NIAID Pandemic Influenza Preparedness program that by with U.S. And international company and evaluate U.S. Department of vaccines for influenza virus with pandemic potential supporting follows. Which results of this project will be is not only major of public health Details, but can also contribute to the fact that new types of influenza vaccines available to the public. ‘A key of our strategy be its partnership with private companies to develop around the world and clinically test exciting new vaccine technologies,’she says.