Funding: This work was EC EC VI Framework Programme contract number LSHG CT 2004-512003.

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Mucormycosis has a high mortality rate even with aggressive surgical intervention. Mortality rates range from 20 to 80 percent, depending on the site involved and whether the patient any underlying immune problems. ‘This work was able to reach only possible through the close cooperation of all scientists involved and nicely illustrates the success of a coordinated and concerted effort, the gene expression atlas will be an important guide gene function and gene function and disease mechanisms says Professor Andrea Ballabio, the coordinator Telethon Telethon Institute of Genetics and medicine, Italy.. The mainstay treatment for mucormycosis is early surgical intervention all all dead an infected tissue, along with intravenous and antifungal therapy.Researchers at Boston University School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Virtual Media Resources, which carried out the study – published in in the latest issue the Journal of Adolescent Health – saying that present their findings the largest evidence that alcohol is companies targeting youth with magazine advertising.

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