Eating fatty and sugary foods causes chemical changes in the brain.

‘It's interesting these changes occur before weight problems. These findings challenge our understanding of the relationship between diet, your body and the mind. It is food for considered how we might support people psychologically as they strive to adopt healthy diet plan, regardless of their current corpulence.’.. Change of fatty diet plan can cause feelings like drug withdrawal and depression Before obesity occurs Even, eating fatty and sugary foods causes chemical changes in the brain, meaning that going on a diet might feel similar to going through drug withdrawal, today by Dr according to a study published.Sankaran to get Rising Star Award’Baptist Wellness is focused on quality patient treatment and we have become thrilled to partner with American Family members Care, a firm that shares our goals and plans for development of a fantastic primary treatment network for our community,’ said Russell Tyner, CEO and President of Baptist Wellness. The partnership can lead to enhanced usage of primary care providers in a seven county area and can serve approximately 470,000 people surviving in the encircling communities. In addition, 75 to 100 fresh jobs shall be produced in the Montgomery region including physician, clerical and clinical positions.