Drug development.

The team can of this type of of this kind of interference with the normal function of for KM23 evidence what might happen to the protein in ovarian cancer cells. Then, drug development, targeting the irregular function of the protein, can begin.

Epithelial ovarian cancer is often diagnosed at an advanced stage and accounts for about 15,000 deaths per year. To distant organs. In surgical techniques and chemotherapy, overall survival have not improved significantly because of late detection, often after the disease has already spread to distant organs. Identification of an early warning signal, and a new therapeutic agent for the disease should result improved survival.Asked Tuesday Used publish MAC AIDS Fund of human in Brazil, France, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom and the U.S. Misconceptions about availability of a cure for HIV / AIDS and the impact of the disease, and as a character of stigma of HIV positive persons are, told Reuters Health reports. Fast 50 percent of respondents in the nine countries saying they would its disagreeable walking beside to an HIV – , 52 percent, 52 percent do not want to live in the same house as a person with HIV and 79 percent non want someone currently living with HIV / AIDS.