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Cross posted from Nature’s The Great Beyond blog page. The frustration of British doctors with government plans to upload patient medical records to a national database has boiled over into open revolt. Read the remaining post on The Great Beyond. For even more on electronic health information, see the special information focus in the March problem of Nature Medicine, including stories on what developing countries and little clinics are struggling to go electronic.And no wonder parents almost everywhere are fleeing from vaccines and seeking alternatives for improving their child’s immunity. The vaccine market is, and undeniably factually, a criminal procedure that puts all our children at risk. If their products were so safe really, why do they want blanket legal immunity from lawsuit damages then? Support Chili’s in this effort at:.

Brain damage may persist for many years after original head trauma As the National Football Little league braces for lawsuits by 4000 former players alleging the league didn’t protect them from the long-term consequences of concussions, game-changing analysis by a respected Canadian researcher shows harm to the mind can persist for many years following the original head trauma.