Columbia Laboratories net revenues boost 74 percent to $12.

The decline in cash reflected the payment of the Bio-Mimetics settlement primarily, officers and directors insurance, company bonus obligations and product returns, offset, in part, by cash received for the workout of options and warrants. Financial Outlook Pursuant to the business’s Purchase and Collaboration Contract with Watson, Columbia will be eligible to obtain either a $6 million or $8 million milestone payment based on achievement of particular statistical outcomes of the PREGNANT Study on the principal endpoint, reduced amount of preterm birth < 33 weeks gestation, and the secondary endpoint, infant outcomes composite score. The parties be prepared to resolve the dispute pursuant to the conditions of the Collaboration and buy Agreement.Susan Korrick, M.D., and Dr. Sharon Sagiv, Ph.D., also asked the mothers to complete a questionnaire indicating fish consumption patterns throughout their pregnancies. After eight years acquired passed, the group followed up with the moms and their kids to compare fish usage patterns with both mercury prices and rates of interest deficit hyperactivity disorder among the children. Upon analysis, the united team determined that, overall, the risk of ADHD-related behavioral problems was higher among kids born to moms with higher mercury amounts observed in their hair samples.