China Pharmas income decreases 24 percent to $24.

By December 31 Pipeline Revise, 2014, China Pharma got various pipeline medicines in various stages of active advancement. Some of these are highlighted below: Antibiotic Combination – We completed the Stage I medical trials of our novel cephalosporin-based combination antibiotic. We are in Stage II of the clinical trial, because of the higher regulatory requests for scientific works. Rosuvastatin – Rosuvastatin can be a generic type of Crestor, a medication for the treating high blood cholesterol levels. Clinical trials for this generic medication were finished in the fourth one fourth of 2010 and we have submitted a credit card applicatoin for production authorization, and are executing supplemental trials of related components pursuant to the brand new criteria.It remains to be seen whether a convention of says can be mustered, but the increasing craze towards passing nullification bills is an encouraging indication that more Americans and lawmakers than ever at the state level will be ready to problem the central authority in Washington. And, as far as this article writer can be involved, that’s a good thing. Source:.

CNN lies to America blatantly, claiming there are zero ‘sanctuary cities’ Regular audiences of CNN – all 30,000 of these – were just treated to one of the largest lies ever informed by a cable network news organization. Namely, there are no sanctuary cities for unlawful immigrants in the usa. For the uninformed, sanctuary cities are those whose elected leaders have instructed their law enforcement and sheriff’s departments never to cooperate with federal government immigration authorities who look for to collect and deport illegal aliens, criminal aliens especially.