CDC: Older Kids May Have Greater H1N1 Risk About one in 13 U.

The statement from the U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention and Control takes a comprehensive look at the first 36 deaths, and found some essential differences in the pediatric loss of life toll from swine flu as compared to seasonal flu: Normally, half or even more of the small children who also die from flu are age 4 and younger. But a lot more than 80 % of the small children who passed away with swine flu had been 5 or older. Almost two-thirds of the kids who died with swine flu experienced epilepsy, cerebral palsy or additional neurodevelopmental circumstances.For this reason, it is best to supplement with B supplement complex for long term use. Even if you choose to dietary supplement your vitamin intake, diet is the basis of great health and the primary way to obtain essential nutrients. To ensure your vitamin B1 intake reaches an excellent level, eat a different diet of whole unprocessed foods, . Wholegrains, vegetables , coffee beans and legumes , along with watermelon and oranges are all good sources of B1. For information about all the B vitamins: Mental Health, Physical Health & B Vitamins. Also, check out how to make your personal multivitamin/mineral at home ..