Cancer Cell publishes outcomes of melanoma study Metamark Genetics.

Cancer Cell publishes outcomes of melanoma study Metamark Genetics, Inc., a privately-held oncology-focused molecular diagnostics company, today announced results from a melanoma research published in Cancer Cell. The scholarly studies were conducted in the laboratories of Metamark Scientific Founders Lynda Chin, M .D., and Ron DePinho, M.D., from the Belfer Institute for Applied Dana and Sciences Farber Cancer Institute, and David Rimm, M.D., Ph.D. Of Yale University. ‘The results from this study represent an important milestone in our initiatives to predict whether an early melanoma lesion will ultimately progress to metastatic and deadly disease,’ said Dr. Chin. ‘Moreover, since these proteins get excited about the tumor progression functionally, they are also potential drug target candidates.’ Melanoma is an application a malignancy that originates in pigment-forming cells, or melanocytes, and is most found in the skin where it typically arises from moles commonly.

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