Can Stress Have an effect on My Weight?

Over time, these extra calories can lead to weight gain. Carrying excess fat makes it more likely people will have health issues like raised chlesterol and diabetes. So rather than grabbing the chocolate ice cream next time you are feeling stressed or anxious, grab an apple, a handful of almonds, or a little bowl of light popcorn. Try an alternative stress reliever, like exercising , talking with a friend, or hearing some comforting music to help you reduce anxiety..I understand that thirty % shall develop only flu-like symptoms and can have lifetime immunity. I am aware that 20 % will establish the symptoms of the condition, but that 95 % will completely recover and also have lifetime immunity. I am aware that 5 % of the patients who face Hepatitis B can be chronic carriers of the condition. I am aware that 75 % of the chronic carriers will live with an asymptomatic disease and that only twenty five % of the chronic carriers will establish chronic liver disease or liver malignancy, 10-30 years following the acute infection. The next scientific studies have already been performed to show the security of the Hepatitis B vaccine in kids beneath the age of 5 years. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ _____________________________________ As well as the suggested vaccinations as protections against the above cited risk elements, I’ve recommended other non-vaccine methods to protect the fitness of my patient and also have enumerated stated non-vaccine steps on Exhibit D, attached hereto, Non-vaccine Actions to safeguard Against Risk Elements.