But the balance between host and microbes can be changed back to a healthy state.

But the balance between host and microbes can be changed back to a healthy state, to prevent or treat these diseases, he added. In essence, the intestinal microbiome be ‘re – shaped ‘ in sustainable and predictable way a healthy relationship a healthy relationship between host and microbes without significantly affecting the way of life of genetically susceptible to genetically susceptible to these diseases. We will test that right now.

‘By increasing the permeability of the gut, they improve immune – cell infiltration and that can induce tissue damage. ‘.. The finding explains why once become certain autoimmune diseases common in Western societies in the past half century. It also offers insights into why many people who are genetically prone to these diseases will never affected, and how certain environmental factors, infections in people who generate already in danger.Hayes led a 10-year analysis, which found a rise in the new HIV cases among people between the ages In 1997, In 1997, 21 new HIV cases been have been diagnosed in young people in St. Louis compared with 54 in the year 2006, to analyze was. Hayes adding that is likely many teens and young adults will deliberately in the town to live with HIV / AIDS.

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