Breakthrough in prenatal screening for Straight down syndrome Lenetix.

Today announced a substantial part of the development of a better initial and second trimester noninvasive fetal chromosomal screening check to detect Down syndrome and additional genetic fetal circumstances. Lenetix presented preliminary research results at the 29th annual Culture for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Meeting in NORTH PARK that indicate a potential breakthrough in tests quality and precision while preserving the protection of mom and fetus. The maternal serum test produced by Lenetix medical director Dr..

Bt toxin engineered into GM corn no works against pests longer, study finds There’s more trouble in GMO paradise as a favorite genetically engineered trait bred into some strains of transgenic corn is certainly reportedly losing its capability to ward off certain pests. Researchers from North Carolina State University and Clemson University have discovered that the crop pest corn earworm no longer responds to Bacillus thuringiensis toxin, rendering the GM trait useless because of this particular program, as was predicted widely.