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‘The responsibility here is clear.’ He stated the Chinese investigation found that the Chinese aspect made it clear within their export paperwork that the material they were offering was for industrial, not medical, use. Wei said Taixing had been punished for its misbehavior however when pressed for details, he said the business was still being investigated. He said China wouldn’t normally continue to allow the use of the real name TD glycerin, but no ban offers been announced.This specific petition targets the citizens of Loudoun County, Virginia, who have been trying to make playing fields safer for a long time. It states the next: Loudoun County provides been installing artificial turf fields at an alarming rate and there are programs for many more including many of our schools. We need your help to raise our voices and issues to our regional supervisors and elected officials to stop the use of this toxic material on the areas our children are playing on! Inquire Loudoun County to use safe plant-centered infill, not toxic tire infill on all future fields also to replace the prevailing current toxic materials with the safe alternate. As this material is banned county by county, consciousness and proactive transformation will hopefully spread in order that people throughout the nation can benefit from the good wellness they rightfully deserve.