Asthma is the nations leading pediatric chronic disease affects 6

Asthma is the nation’s leading pediatric chronic disease affects 6.2 million children under the age of 18, most of them suffer from allergic asthma . In letters to Aetna and Cigna, asked Cuomo insurers use the claims data are for specialists, according to Cuomo contain contain claims data all and and can skew rankings. He also criticized the insurer , the accuracy, the accuracy of the rankings, saying insurers to doctors that cost less, but perhaps not the most qualified ‘a profit-making are ‘are recommended. Cuomo asked Aetna and Cigna to see details of the criteria that they use to rank doctors, like the insurer to measure a doctor’s performance and what incentives are used to treat patients toward or away from providers directing. – Linda Lacewell, Council for Economic and Social Justice in the Office of the Attorney General, in a letter to General Counsel Aetna James Brown wrote: ‘This program carries significant risk of consumer confusion, if not deception,’adding: ‘the attorney general for the transparency on behalf of the consumer ‘ obligation . – Aetna spokeswoman Cynthia Michener said the company would ‘fully ‘, as ‘Aetna fully committed to transparency. ‘Cigna spokesman Wendell Potter said: ‘We accept the Attorney General’s Office concerns seriously and will respond to his request for information ‘(AP / Houston Chronicle.

In our country, medicinal system needed to required to pay for a portion of their medical care, said Ya – Chen Tina Shih , associate Professor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and to the report ‘s lead author. As growth in medicinal expenses exceeding general inflationary patients are to spend an increasing share your family income is for the medical care. Confined health funds will need at of priority be determined the most reasonable use of resources. These factors make it more important to clinicians considered the economic aspect of Crab treatment such that they. Providing its patient with information on the cost and benefits of various treatment options .

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